"Richard asks the hard and true questions of yourself for your business. He helped shave years off our learning curve, and therefore a faster, more profitable bottom line."

— Sara & Bob Schlosser  |  Sandiwood Farm  |  Vermont


Having farmed himself fulltime for over 36 years, Richard knows the joys, frustrations, and the ins and outs of running a farm business. He speaks farming. Richard is happy to share his experience and knowledge to other farmers through individual farm consulting, in addition to his workshops. Contact Richard to see if consulting with you is a good fit. If so, Richard will visit in person, or communicate via phone and email. Consulting sessions in person normally last 1-3 hours, and two to six sessions over a couple of months are all that is usually needed. Richard will give you homework each session, and ask some hard questions. But his goal is always the same- to help you realize your goals and become increasingly financially sustainable. 

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135 Cate Farm Road  |  Plainfield, Vermont 05667  |  catefarm@gmail.com  |  802. 454. 7157  |  To learn more about Cate Farm, visit www.catefarm.com